Computer Graphics : Programming, Problem Solving, and Visual Communication - FULTON, JENNIFER

Computer Graphics : Programming, Problem Solving, and Visual Communication


Yayınevi: Pearson Education

Yayın tarihi: 10/2006

ISBN: 9780131452541

Yazar : Steve Cunningham Aaron Weiss

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Tür: Bilgisayar-Akademik

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The importance of computer graphics is spreading beyond the computer science discipline and graphics experts. With the ready availability of OpenGL on essentially all platforms, readers can learn to create effective images early on. Emphasizes the programming of interactive 3D animated scenes with OpenGL (not the theoretical aspects of computer graphics). Treats graphics topics descriptively and in a process-oriented manner, rather than mathematically and algorithmically, making the subject more approachable. Emphasizes using computer graphics to communicate effectively, particularly in the sciences. Makes extensive use of the scene graph for organizing graphics programs. Provides code examples throughout. A reader-friendly introduction for anyone interested in learning more about computer graphics.

Table of contents

Ch. 1 Viewing and projection
Ch. 2 Principles of modeling
Ch. 3 Implementing modeling in OpenGL
Ch. 4 Mathematics for modeling
Ch. 5 Color and blending
Ch. 6 Lighting and shading
Ch. 7 Events and interactive programming
Ch. 8 Texture mapping
Ch. 9 Graphical problem solving in science
Ch. 10 Rendering and the rendering pipeline
Ch. 11 Dynamics and animation
Ch. 12 High-performance graphics techniques
Ch. 13 Interpolation and spline modeling
Ch. 14 Nonpolygon graphics
Ch. 15 Hardcopy

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